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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

With AgriWorld Exchange's unwavering commitment to serve its members, we are here ready to answer your questions

Q: How does AgriWorld Exchange help growers and grower-shippers?

A: AgriWorld Exchange helps growers and grower/shippers achieve greater profitability by connecting them with quality buyers from around the globe. The online marketplace format lets the grower close more deals in less time, and at a lower transaction cost. The information on commodities for sale, current prices and other helpful market data is an added bonus.

Q: How does AgriWorld Exchange help buyers?

A: AgriWorld Exchange brings buyers an expanded world of potential suppliers, with access to top quality produce and value-added products such as organic, locally-grown, fresh-cut and specialty items. Real-time market information ensures the best price, and keeps buyers informed as the market changes.

Q: What types of market information does AgriWorld Exchange provide?

A: AgriWorld Exchange provides real-time information on current market conditions, recent trades, price fluctuations, and much more. With this information, customers are better able to select appropriate buyers, set favorable prices, and close a deal that is acceptable to both parties.

Q: Can AgriWorld Exchange help me sell into Latin America, Europe, or Asia/Pacific?

A: Absolutely! Buyers and sellers from around the world are welcome to join AgriWorld Exchange. Retail buyers look for year-round supplies of seasonal produce, and growers and other sellers may find lucrative sales opportunities in other countries.

Q: How much does it cost to get started?

A: AgriWorld Exchange is extremely affordable to both large and small customers - 67 cents or less per transaction! Compare that with $50 to $100 in employee time alone costs to find a new customer, explain the products available this week, negotiate a sale, and transfer paperwork back and forth to close the deal. At 67 cents per transaction, customers will see lower costs and higher profit on each trade.

Q: How can you afford to charge just 67 cents per transaction?

A: We offer access to our online marketplace on a subscription basis; think of it as paying for a membership to a trading club. We've created a marketplace that can handle thousands of customers and millions of transactions, so we can keep that membership fee low and encourage buyers and sellers to join the club and take advantage of doing business in an online marketplace.

Q: Who are the people behind AgriWorld Exchange?

A: AgriWorld Exchange was founded by produce growers, shippers and buyers who set out to solve some of the most challenging problems in agriculture trading today. The Management Team is composed of a diverse group of growers-shippers, engineers and business executives who clearly understand the challenges of surviving and prospering within the agricultural trading industry today. See the Company section of the website for more details on the management team.

Q: What kind of computer equipment do we need have to have?

A: All the customer needs is a computer and access to the Internet. With AgriWorld Exchange, we make it possible for virtually everyone to experience the speed, accuracy and global reach of online agri-trading.

Q: Won't we have to learn a whole new way of doing business?

A: No, as produce experts ourselves, we have built our solution to work the way customers buy and sell produce today, so that trading with AgriWorld Exchange is a familiar process from the start. Naturally, customers will want to tour the features and screens, but the interface is intuitive for someone familiar with a traditional agricultural sales approach.